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IIPSJ's directors, Prof. Lateef Mtima and Prof. Steven D. Jamar, have published a number of articles about the social justice aspects of IP, are sought after lecturers at practice-oriented conferences and academic conferences, and participate in workshops and in onlne academic discussions.

IIPSJ also sponsors and hosts conferences, symposia, and scholarship by others.

Articles by Profs. Mtima and Jamar emphasizing social justice and IP in various contexts include:

Lateef Mtima, Mapping the Parameters of the Right Publicity Rights: Identifying and Balancing Competing First Amendment Interests, (2016)(download)

Lateef Mtima, Publicity Rights and the First Amendment: Balancing Athletes and Other Celebrity Interests, (2016)(download)

Lateef Mtima, From Fortnightly to Aereo: Unauthorized Television Re-Broadcasting and the Public Performance Right, (download)

Lateef Mtima, The Blurred Lines Controvery: Attaining IP Social Justice for African American Composers, (2015)(download)

Lateef Mtima & Lateef Mtima, Intellectual Property, Social Justice, and Civil Rights: Issues for the Digital Information Age, (2011)(download)

Steven D. Jamar & Lateef Mtima, The Centrality of Social Justice for an Academic Intellectual Property Institute, 64 SMU L. Rev. ____ (2011)(download 1)(download 2)

Steven D. Jamar, A Social Justice Perspective on the Role of Copyright in Realizing International Human Rights, 24 Pacific McGeorge Global Business & Development L.J., ____ (2011)(forthcoming)(download)

Steven D. Jamar & Lateef Mtima, A Social Justice Perspective on Intellectual Property, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, in Megan Carpenter, editor, Evolving Economies: The Role of Law in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, ch. 5 (forthcoming 2011)

Steven D. Jamar, Religious Use of Copyrighted Works after Smith, RFRA, and Eldred, 32 Cardozo L. Rev. 1879 (2011) (forthcoming) (download)

Lateef Mtima and Steven D. Jamar, Fulfilling the Copyright Social Justice Promise: Digitizing Textual Information, 55 N.Y.L. Sch. L. Rev. 77 ( 2010)(download)

Steven D. Jamar, Crafting Copyright Law to Encourage and Protect User Generated Content in the Internet Social Networking Context, 19 Widener L. J. 843 (2010) (download)

Lateef Mtima, Copyright Social Utility and Social Justice Interdependence: A Paradigm for Intellectual Property Empowerment and Digital Entrepreneurship, 112 West Va. L. Rev. 97 (2009) (download)

Steven D. Jamar, Copyright and the Public Interest from the Perspective of Brown v. Board of Education, 48 How. L.J. 629 (2005)(download)

Lateef Mtima, Introduction to the 2005 IIPSJ Symposium, 48 How. L.J. 571 (2005)(download)


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